The Cheltenham Festival is the Olympics of jump horse racing. It is the pinnacle of National Hunt Racing, and it has been held annually in Cheltenham, England, since 1860. Also, it’s the highlight of the British horse racing calendar.

The race draws enormous crowds from all over the world and is a significant betting event. There are plenty of races in the UK, but the Cheltenham Festival remains the most popular and prestigious.

Why is the Cheltenham Festival so special? What makes the race stand out from all the others? If you’re curious about the Cheltenham Festival, read on.

Features Four Championship Races

The Cheltenham Festival features four championship races in its four-day schedule. Each day has one featured championship race and six supporting races.

The first day of the festival (Champion Day) features The Champion Hurdle. The race is two miles long and open to four-year-old hurdlers and up, and there are eight hurdles to be jumped.

The second day of the festival (Ladies Day) features The Queen Mother Champion Chase. The race is two miles long, open only to five-year-olds and older, and has twelve fences.

The third day of the festival (St Patrick’s Thursday) features The World Hurdle. The race is three miles long and open to four-year-old hurdlers and up with twelve hurdles to be jumped.

The fourth and final day of the festival (Gold Cup Day) features The Cheltenham Gold Cup. The race is three and a half miles long and open only to five-year-olds and up with twenty-two fences.

Betting on the Festival

Since the Cheltenham Festival is famous and extensive, many people like to bet on the races. That makes betting a significant part of the festival. The good news is that there are plenty of options for those who want to get in on the action.

However, picking the winners is known to be challenging. Most of the races are very close, and there are often upsets. And this can make it tough to predict the winner.

It’s especially true for the championship races because they often have the best horses on the field. Also, the course is demanding and challenging, and the weather can be a factor.

All these things only mean one thing. It’s hard for bettors to do well at the Cheltenham Festival. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. In fact, learning to bet on horses and checking the current horse racing odds is one thing that makes the festival so exciting.

Betting on the event is fun, and it’s more than possible to choose a couple of winners over four days.

Lots of Races for Future Learning

Bettors love spotting horses for future learning. And since the Cheltenham Festival has plenty of races, there are lots of opportunities for future learning. A total of 28 races are scheduled for the four-day event, which means there are plenty of chances to spot potential winners.

Those new to the horse race betting scene can find plenty of helpful information during these races. They can determine which horses have the potential to win and which ones may need more time to develop.

Bettors can learn a lot about them and their abilities by watching how the horses perform during the Cheltenham Festival. And novice bettors can use this information to make better-informed wagers in the future.

Beyond Racing

The Cheltenham Festival does offer some of the best races in the world. But, it is so much more than just that. It is an event that celebrates horse racing and all of its participants.

Other than racing, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you busy. You can book in for lunch or dinner. Moreover, if you own one of the main stand boxes at the racecourse, you can even bring your food and drink.

It’ll be your own space to enjoy the races with friends, family, or colleagues in a private setting. You can also take advantage of the fantastic views of the racecourse from your box.

The entertainment doesn’t stop there. Many bars and pubs in Cheltenham put on live music to get you in the racing spirit. In addition, many nightclubs stay open until the early morning hours.

You can make a whole day or night of it. Cheltenham is the complete package when it comes to horse racing festivals. It has the best atmosphere, the best races, and the best entertainment.

Final Words

While this year’s Cheltenham Festival has already concluded, next year’s festival will be here before you know it.

As one of the world’s most prestigious horse racing events, Cheltenham always draws in large crowds.

So if you’re looking for a horse racing event that offers something a little different, then the Cheltenham Festival is worth considering.

It’s a unique racing festival with its stunning setting and rich history.