It may have been a tricky few years when it comes to sporting events but with the Cheltenham Festival taking place recently, there are definitely signs that things are returning to normal.

We all know that the racing event Cheltenham Festival took place last year with no live spectators at the event, but this year people were once again invited to come along and watch the action as it happened!

With such an exciting event taking place it is no wonder that so many people wanted to attend! Betway recently teamed up football commentator Peter Drury and horse racing commentator Richard Hoiles to discuss their individual sports and whether there are any similarities between the two sports.

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The Atmosphere

The first thing the two discussed was the build-up to the event and how exciting it is when crowds start to arrive; and how as commentators this started to get them prepared for being able to announce the race or the match as it happens.

They shared stories of quick-paced moves that had happened and how they use features to spot players or jockeys in order to be able to quickly commentate on something that has happened – Ronaldo’s famous red boots for example!

Important Events

They discussed how it was a privilege to be able to be involved in such big events as the Cheltenham Festival and how they both started off as fans of the sports they are now working with.

When you consider that such passion goes into sharing what happens at the events it is no wonder that the whole world wants to tune in.

Big football events like The World Cup attract an international audience with countries encouraged to get behind their teams and cheer them to victory – Cheltenham has numerous races a day which means that there are a good few hours of entertainment for those that choose to watch the prestigious event; no wonder so many people head to horse racing betting sites in advance of such big horse racing events!

The Pressure

Both commentators talked about the accuracy of their reporting and how they can’t look away from a match or a race even for a second for fear of announcing something incorrectly to audiences.

These days it is easier than ever for audiences not attending the event to be able to watch and follow along with big sporting events and many of these rely on the likes of Hoiles and Drury to find out what is happening and how exciting the whole event is.

Although the audience live in attendance can be carried by the atmosphere and being surrounded by people passionate about the event just as much as them, it is the commentators that help to share the fast-paced nature of any event.

Hoiles talked about needing to announce the winner of a race as soon as it happens – as well as the jockey, the trainer and anyone else involved in leading that horse to victory.

The passion both of them feel for their sport is obvious and it is this that will help keep audiences interested in big events like Cheltenham year in year out.